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nsquared DIGITABLE

The world is a distracting place. Advertising blares at you, phones beep at you, TV's shout at you, and your bills worry you.

At nsquared, we believe everyone needs to live in the moment more - and we believe technology should empower this. Which is why we created the DIGITABLE.

Stunning, multi touch, touchscreen tables designed to enrich group interaction with paperless productivity and effortless collaboration.

Paperless Office

Eliminate the need to print hand outs 5 minutes before meetings.


Bring people together, interacting with the same content.


Work together, eliminating distractions from personal devices.

Shorter Meetings

The extra focus on the content enables quicker meetings.


Check out our models below, we offer a range of screen sizes to suit your requirements.


With nsquared enjoy a seamless experience through creative design and innovation in both our hardware and software. Let the table and software work together to help your team work together.
nsquared tabletop

INTRODUCING nsquared tabletop

nsquared tabletop is our 360 degree multi-user operating environment designed especially for the digital table.

With over 20 tailored apps available, nsquared tabletop has an elegant interface which uses fully manipulable free-floating content boxes to engage users intuitively. Award-Winning multi-user technology enriching shared moments.
Welcome to the next step in collaboration.


nsquared attractor

Explore content in a new way with nsquared attractor. Pinch to zoom and free rotation allows you to show images and play videos simply and easily to anyone around the table. Excellent for sales pitches and meetings.

nsquared minesweeper
nsquared web

The only application in the world which will let you and your team browse the web on the same screen at the same time. Check out the news while a friend browses Wikipedia! Great for collaborative research.

nsquared sharing

The easiest way to share content between devices. The Sharing module allows you to save and load content from local folders, cloud accounts, network drives, USB's... the list goes on.

nsquared drawing

Sketch out ideas on a blank canvas together. Shift and manipulate shapes and images to organise your thoughts, and emphasise what's important. Now the business lunch napkin becomes part of the shared documentation. The whiteboard will never get accidentally erased again.


nsquared maps

A new way to explore the world. This unique multi-user application allows groups of people to gather around a digital table and work with maps together. Each map can be resized or rotated. You can draw shapes on the map, plot routes, add your own pins, import geo feeds and at the end save it all and share it around.

nsquared artifacts

An intuitive tool to enhance your device's image building capabilities. Ideal for anyone looking to easily visualise ideas, the Artifacts Module gives you the ability to drop an artifact into another image, to easily place, move and scale a collection of images.

nsquared calendar

The Calendar Module for nsquared tabletop is an intuitive, elegant multi-user calendar application. Calendar allows you to manage and schedule events as a team, as it automatically syncs calendars with any assigned email within your exchange services.

nsquared presenter

The presenter module for nsquared tabletop allows you to collaboratively create and deliver immersive presentations using all the devices in your meeting room. From your tablet to the projected screen on the wall to the iPads your client brought in, presenter has it covered.
nsquared notebook
nsquared notebook

Collaborative, multi-user, multi-orientation note taking. nsquared notebook is ideal for making lists as a team, easily writing minutes together and brainstorming notes in an open, collaborative space.

nsquared rooms
nsquared rooms

Search for an available meeting room and book the room yourself. Designed for digital tables and multiple users to engage at the same time. Synchronizes with Microsoft Exchange to provide a seamless experience across all your devices.

nsquared concierge
nsquared concierge

Let your guests explore the local area in an easy and engaging way. Recommendations for surrounding cafes, nightclubs and more, all from the comfort of the foyer lounge. For convenience send the address through to the guests mobile phone.

nsquared attractor cloud

Draw people to your table with beautifully presented interactive content for an emotionally engaging experience with your brand. And best of all, all of your photos, videos and websites can easily be uploaded and edited anywhere using our intuitive web portal. Simple, engaging impact.
nsquared thin ice
nsquared thin ice

nsquared thin ice, is a fantastic action puzzle game of freezing fun as up to four players scramble across precarious ice sheets to catch the most fish. But be careful! The ice gets thinner with every step and one wrong move could send you into the arctic depths!

nsquared jigsaw
nsquared jigsaw

One of the greatest group puzzle apps ever, now without the clean up! Upload group photos, choose your piece count, create and play! Find a few friends and work on a jigsaw together.

nsquared minesweeper
nsquared minesweeper

The classic minesweeper game has been revamped with a new look. The object of the game is to clear the minefield in the fastest time possible without detonating any mines.

Are you up to the task?


Want it custom? nsquared has over 8 years experience building engaging multi-user apps from hospitality to government and education for clients all over the world.
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Financial Space
Australia-wide, the DIGITABLE has become a staple to clients whom showcase superannuation and investment products, insurance, financial advice, and banking products. It is thus unsurprising that one of the most common uses of the DIGITABLE is within the Financial Space.

The Porter
The Porter is Sydney’s premium executive lounge situated in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.
It was an obvious choice to have the DIGITABLE in their lounge. The Porter also decided on the business suite applications because of the nature of their space and members.

Compass Offices
“Our colleagues at the start had no confidence in it because they saw this as alien to them but with training and support which took about 20 minutes of time it then became a tool which they enjoyed playing with and they absolutely love it now.”

Richard Sephton, Director at Compass Offices
“nsquared for us was something to showcase our difference, our modern restaurant. Clients, when we show them the table, are really excited to see it. They talk about how they can use it and how we can put information on the table and promote our partners.”

David Earby, Marketing & E-Commerce Executive at Novotel
D&C Interior Projects
"Responses that we get from the clients are 'this is amazing'. They’ve never used one before so to have one in our office and allow them to actually touch it and not just to look at it is great for us and the client. We’ve had a few that said how much does it cost? Where can we get one from?"

Kenneth Lau, Designer at D&C Interior Projects
“It really keeps the conversation and ideas flowing. The feedback from hardened financial investors, journalists and global industry analysts was very positive, with many asking when they could buy it for themselves!“

Deena Shiff, Director at Telstra Business
“The trainers love using the interactive screens because it makes it easier for them to give their presentations. nsquared software helps us to showcase the best of 3M technology.”

Phil Curry, Engineering & Facilities Manager at 3M
“Our sales team members love using the digital table to present property information to the clients. Our customers walk away with impressive WOW-factor experience.”

Paul Lowe, Sales Manager at Brookfield
Longton Real Estate
“Our team has found nsquared presenter extremely easy to use and it’s made a big impression with out clients during sales presentation.”

Steven Yu, Managing Director at Longton Real Estate
Toowoomba City Library
“The nsquared digital table solution has become a key asset of the Toowoomba City Library and is fostering a new form of engaging, visual learning within our community.”

Karen Green, Electronic Services at Toowoomba City Library
Australian Museum - Alexander The Great Exhibit
The Australian Museum is the oldest museum in Australia, with an international reputation in the fields of natural history and anthropology. nsquared was approached to create a joint hardware-software solution for the Alexander The Great exhibit.

Australian Museum - Constellations
nsquared was approached to create an interactive installation designed to support a NSW state education program about indigenous people and their stories. nsquared designed a multi-user activity, built for the SUR40 PixelSense table. This application helped children learn the Dreamtime stories of how the constellations in the sky were formed.

Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza
nsquared was approached by the Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa to provide software for their Samsung SUR40 units. In particular, the client was looking for an innovative, easy-to-use solution to help them increase their brand awareness and create a unique, memorable holiday experience for their guests.

Lexus is Japans largest selling make of premium cars and a key leader of innovation in the auto-industry.
Our project brief was to join with their creative team to deliver a robust, technically innovative, interactive software application that would collect target market data for Lexus with regard to their 2009 hybrid concept car (LF-Ch).

Lockyer Valley Library
Lockyer Valley is an area of rich farmlands that lies to the west of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Using funding from the National Broadband Network, Lockyer Valley decided to implement a digital table solution in their Gatton Library to support learning and engagement for the members of the community.

Lockyer Valley - Sydney Royal Easter Show
Each year Lockyer Valley Regional Council participates in the Easter Show by purchasing a stall to promote their region as a hub for top quality Australian produce.
The perfect solution for Lockyer Valley at the Easter Show was nsquared’s digital table loaded with a number of nsquared apps.

Parramatta Marist High School
Parramatta Marist High School (PMHS) is based in Sydney’s western suburbs.
PMHS Business Manager, Anne Clarke, identified an opportunity to bring students together to connect, learn and collaborate using touch technology around digital tables.

Peace of Mind Technology
Peace of Mind Technology approached nsquared, wanting to work together to create a digital table solution that would help POMT to show their clients how multi-user technology can improve their workspace.

Santos GLNG
Santos GLNG’s Social Performance Unit contacted nsquared in a bid to bring a first class interactive and immersive experience to its Roma Shop front location in the heart of Queensland, Australia.

Scion’s creative Agency JUXT came to nsquared with a unique and exciting interactive concept for the car company’s 2012 US car show exhibits. It needed to be loud, exciting, surprising and fun in order to win the crowd’s time and attention.

Sunnyvale Library
The City of Sunnyvale is located in the heart of Silicon Valley in California. Seeking to create a hub for innovation for local children and teens, the Sunnyvale Library called on nsquared to provide a Samsung SUR40 digital table with our suite of education applications and games for its new collaborative tech space.



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